Please allow me, as a starting point, to share with you the song that has led to this writing. The link below will take you there. Don’t worry, no viruses included – they would require a paycheck and I’m not willing to take bribe 🙂


[listen to: Rebelution – Good vibes]


You can make a habit out of anything. Even out of the decision of rising each time you get hit. Once you get accustomed to this, you will know that touching the bottom again is an option no longer available to you. So, DARE! Stand tall and do it! Take the pick. Associate it with a change a look, if that’s what’s required. You’ll feel amazing! And you’ll be proud of yourself seeing you can do it each time. Yes, be proud. The credit is all on you. You alone! Be happy about it. No one will ever take that away from you. You built it and you own it. No power loans, no people to stab you in the back for helping. (I’m sure you will never use auto-sabotage.) And when blue takes over, think about your power. People, this is YOUR inner strength. And, God, isn’t it endless?! Just let it show up. It will never leave you again.


Indulge yourself the habit of rising


Observe the look in the eyes of people passing by and meeting your “nothing-can-put-me-down” attitude. You WILL get that “weirdo look” because people get frustrated by a fragile body with a strong look. Don’t you care! They silently envy you for it and for the fact that they did not find their own way of getting there. You know what? You will even hear mean gossip (maybe), but focus on the people who admire you. You’ll find out that, without you even being aware of it, your message builds a small community around you. You’re spreading good vibes and people get attracted to it! Enjoy it, but don’t get arrogant. That’s what is actually happening, at this moment, to me. People greet my strength of being genuine and fearless. Should I brag about it? No, I don’t, as I am aware of the efforts I had to take to get here; I know the moments I had to go through for reaching this state of mind (and I’m not complaining; I’m being grateful to everyone that pushed me here). I’m not looking for the spotlight, people. This is just sharing my happiness with you; and making you aware of what’s coming next for each and every one of you, once you build that strength.
Remember that your mind is the utmost priceless tool in your service. It grows stronger with each fall-rise episode. Just an advice, if I may: keep hatred away whenever you rise. If you choose to be strong, hatred should find no shelter there; it hurts YOU, not the one you point it to! Also, stay the same good-will person you were before getting hurt, stabbed, ruined… You name it. Respect people around you, because this habit slowly gets extinguished with each passing day. (Mutual respect is stronger than love, dear reader); understand that everyone has the right to speak their minds, but if it’s mean, reject it; don’t let damaging words reach your mind. There’s a saying: “Move on and let karma do your dirty work” 🙂 Be wise. You know the wheel rolls even if it’s square. But don’t wish for it. Just know it.
Since  boring you is not my purpose, neither is preaching, I will sincerely THANK YOU ALL for reading my writings and hope you will be as strong as I wish you will! And as I know YOU CAN be!