This is just an analogy. Treat it as such 🙂

         I’m no cars maniac. I know mostly nothing, in fact. But I know this: when you choose to shift gears, keep yourself on the track. Don’t turn the steering wheel, unless the road requires so. But always forward. No going backwards. Take your pick. Whatever you do, wherever you go. Once direction set, follow that road, faithfully. Just make sure you’re content with your decision. Not satisfied, but convinced your flag will get reached, regardless the pit-stops. And don’t delay. No longer than necessary.


You’re a race car. You need fuel, rest your engine and getting fixed, at times. But when you go again, make sure you straighten your chairs, fix those mirrors and keep your lights on. Always on! And a low-voice radio. Have your tires all pumped up. Don’t allow yourself a flat. Especially if you have no first-aid kit and spares. Oh, and the tools to use the spares with, if you own some.

Always listen to the sound of your engine and quickly take on the signs. Prevent. Be aware. Remember: lights always on! Fix the scratches and paint the lines, now and then. Use that horn only when there’s no choice left. Slow down a bit when the road takes a turn. Patiently wait for the lights to go green again. Allow small adjustments, for your own feasibility. Not for pleasing the other cars. They will only make way for you and follow, if you’re confident enough to please yourself. Not them. Allow companions, if they would genuinely help you get to the finish line.

When you need to cool down, open the windows. Half way. Let the fresh air fill in your space. Enjoy it. When it gets cold, close them. You will get warmer again.

Make friends with the pit stop guy that always knows what you need to have fixed. He will be the one pointing you the shortest way and advise the appropriate speed to take. Trust them. They mean no harm, but to have you all shining,  like the moment you left the platform.