What if we chose to be better, today? What if we would put racism away? What if we saw the heart within a body? What if we cared for every single breath a creature takes? What if we would open our eyes, minds and hearts and let love spread? What if we would inspire people around us to be better than WE are? What if we could help unconditionally? What if we would not expect rewarding for our actions? What if we enjoyed seeing others grow? What if we were happy for successful people instead of envying? What if we chose to cut off hatred and let stars shine thru everything? What if we loved our children more than we could ever loved ourselves? What if we would be able to meet people miles away in a glimpse of an eye?

    What if we dedicated our time to sending out good thoughts instead of judging? What if we decided to protect those beautiful green trees providing us oxygen and refused their massacre? What if we stopped global warming? What if we stopped illegal hunting? What if we stopped feeding the greed of insatiable politicians and hidden leaders of this world? What if we danced, smiled, laughed, created and shared joy to everyone around us? What if we avoided negativity and focused on the good side of every day? What if we chose to open our eyes every morning and be thankful for another new dawn? What if we chose to chase that rainbow in our dreams and be grateful for new beginnings?

      What if we chose to defend our rights? What if we chose to stand up for helpless creatures? What if we took off all our miserable masks and threw them in the deepest ocean? What if we made up our minds to let new winds blow our way? What if we chose to swipe away all those boxes? What if we crossed the lines and left our comfort zone for a greater purpose? What if we chose to communicate more? What if we decided to give another shot to change?

      What if… ?

     Would any of this make any difference? Would our lives take a turn? Would we have different levels of breathing? Would we be human? Would we be happy? Would we be able to steer up the boat of living in a different direction? Would anyone listen to such benevolent beings? Would the supreme power turn anger down from us? Would calamities stop? Would we achieve a higher level of consciousness? Would we, as human race, be proud of ourselves?

     Would it matter…?

      How does this sound? How do you picture such an existence? Can you imagine walking on the streets without being afraid of theft, murder, massacre, industrial suffocation, without greed for never-ending gold/platinum ingots and limited-in-time power? Can you imagine breathing fresh air everywhere, without such pollution? Do you picture yourselves feeding the nature instead of reducing it to silence? What would the world look like without Miss Universe/ America – whatsoever – pattern? Could we, ever, change the concept of inheritance?

      I, for one, as a dreamer and idealist, can see. I would imagine. I’d love to witness. I believe in a second, better, reality. For me, this kind of world would be described in 2 words: “infinite art“.

      I do hope we will clean our glasses well enough to let the light shine from a different angle and project a new perspective!