When the script is impeccable, actors can’t play it wrong…”


           They will never really learn our truth… We both value privacy and personal space. We can watch the stars in complete silence, yet know that what we have is there for the long run. We know we got something they don’t. Is just us against the world. The T-shirt type of bond… We can both be wild and free like an ocean in storm, yet calm and unchained as stillness. We both impose respect, yet care for others. We bond in learning… We’re untouchable!


   We’ve got the power to sustain dreams. We have enough trust to privately confess. We rely on each other’s constructive feedback. We have the drive to team up, in any possible aspect of life. There’s an energy among us two that can’t be described by words or put in chains by any law. If all odds were against us, we would still rise above the crowds. With you by my side, I can accomplish anything. With me by your side, you can break any walls… We’re unbeatable!



Credits: Pinterest (http://pin.it/5b7pSCQ)


We’re warriors for a good cause and no villain can destroy our shield. The freedom we built will never be ruined by jealousy. Our souls are so well prepared that we can confront any challenge. Hand in hand, we will always stand tall. Our backbones are made of steel, deliberately made for battle. I teach you rebel, you put patience on my qualities list. I’m the heads up, you’re the guardian of my sleep… We’re invincible!


I drown into your heart, with me you feel safe and free. We thrive to bring up the best in each other. We’re on the same page on so many levels! We can’t fight over shallow waters, as we share the same vision. We always swim against the tide, yet we trust we will ride the waves. We have such a strong fire, that no hurricane could ever put it up, rather amplify it. Our self-confidence only grows stronger by walking alongside… We’re unbreakable!



   We could resist this for a thousand years, yet we’ll get in the same point all over again. Our paths will always cross. When I’m with you, I glow; when you’re with me, you can take that weight off your shoulders. When we’re next to each other, time is all that doesn’t matter… We’re simply larger than life!


Credits: Pinterest (https://terrye634.deviantart.com)


Love always and forever!