Life happens while you’re making other plans”

    If you could choose who to have your morning coffee with, who would that be? Better more, would there be anyone? Or would you rather have it on your own, recharging in peace and quiet?

     I like my coffee carefully poured in a big mug, with a nice message, and mended with some sugar. I’m the “don’t-talk-to-me-till-I-can-move” type of person. There were barely a few times when I wished for company to my morning coffee. When I had it, I could not fully enjoy my tranquility. Because morning is the only time of day when my mind has the clarity and transparency of thin ice; is the only moment I can gather my forces for the new unfolding day; the only moment I am fully at peace with myself; morning is the best moment to create, for me. (I had so many ideas while having my silent coffee, yet some of them will never get exposed). Morning is the time of day I understand things the best and I figure out my plans, shape the next stair to climb for touching my dream.

     For me, having company and being compelled to communicate while drinking my coffee, is like recharging the battery of a device while using it. This only creates the illusion of fully charged, when the light goes green, still the life of the battery will last less than one charged under normal circumstances – no application running in the background, besides the operating system.

    Some people will never (at least try to) understand that some of us may have a different way of running our operating systems. For instance, think of a computer: the hardware is usually still, while the memory executes; of course, there are small components moving all the time, but we can’t see that if the box is closed. Moreover, we will never understand the amount of electricity that needs to “fuel” the hardware, in order to make the software functional.

    That’s the analogy I can pick up when thinking about my mornings – my mind is like a flower in bloom, yet my body is almost paralyzed – except those little components making me breathe, see, etc. People will never see the amount of energy I need to gather, in order to make the slightest move. My physical shape may look shiny and all, but there needs to be stillness in between, before I can engage to daily tasks. Loading time may take between 1 and 2 hours!

     By our nature of humans, we think someone may be angry at us or we might feel neglected when someone puts up such an attitude. But we only think we know what a likewise person thinks. And, usually, that’s wrong. Some individuals, instead of stepping back and providing space for the process to successfully get completed, invade even more. They challenge those tiny gnomes behind the wheels to fight back and ask for their right to dance quietly. And that can ruin the entire day, as silence has no room to accommodate in.