*** What you see at home as a kid, will come natural to you as a grown up. And might become your call… ***

        This is what psychologists say. And you find its truth exposed everyday, just by observing. Either we clearly admit it or not, we unconsciously carry imprinted events with us everywhere.

      You see, kids feel, see and acknowledge more than parents wish they would. Kids feel pain, they understand fake friendship when mom and dad wish they killed each other, they see the changes when they occur. These kids will thrive to do better in life or they will follow the pattern of unhappiness, until they realize their worth.

      Same principle applies to happy families (unfortunately, fewer every passing decade): kids surrounded by loving parents will see love and care as a must during their existence. And they will thrive to have the same peaceful life.

     One more aspect I learned to be true, is the fact that each connection parents make has a great impact on the little ones. If parents try hard to find themselves, are kind to others and frequently visit beneficial circles of people, at some point in their lives, kids will – sometimes involuntary – choose something resembling to this path. They will develop similar interests and will look up to the same behavior typology.

We all hurry to grow up, instead of living the present moment…

At least that’s what happened to me…

     (As I started sketching this article, I recalled my childhood and I realized all the links are there on purpose.)

    As a kid, my parents used to take me with them to these conferences, held by an amazing little man, who passed away 11 months ago… This man was a writer, but a spiritual guide as well. He started a group we used to attend and which goes on for more than 20 years now.

     Of course, as a teenager, I would lose the focus on such things and I would look for getting attention and being involved in a fairy tale, that never happened.

     However, hardships of life would teach me important lessons and would bring me back to my childhood focus. As a grown up, barely towards middle age, I realized I am drawn into the mystics… Again. But the heaviest challenge I faced was acknowledging the passing of the little enlightened man. For one month in a row, I cried every single day, because of a selfish view – I felt left without a guidance.

     Next step? I bought as many of his books as I found and started reading them. And, man, that was some marathon! I would absorb the information like never before. And this episode opened my mind to looking for more. Until life took over me too much…

      Then, another plain period went by, with bits of information picked up from different people. But, as nothing happens by hazard, I now understand why I needed to have ups and downs.

     New people bring new teachings. And I managed to surround myself with beautiful, quality people. Just thinking about them, I will mention only 3 (though there are a handful more): the one pushing me to write and work hard for accomplishing my goals, another one is an amazing colleague from work and another is a friend I just recently got reconnected to. These 3 made me see the world as I see it today; it’s as if they bought new lenses to my spectacles. Though I don’t wear any 🙂 To each and every one of these 3 guys I can talk about anything. They are there to support my interests and provide materials. It’s like we’re walking the same path, on different levels. It’s like we’re tying to wake each other up after a long sleep, in order to hear the call of the stars governing our souls…

When it returns, be sure you catch it! 
There’s always a reason for its come back…

       It’s a great trip to take… Bearing in mind the memory of that amazing little man, with all the teachings he left behind…

*** You can’t escape what is meant to be. The boomerang always returns… ***

Dedicated to the little man guiding the beginning of my life!