¬† ¬† ¬† Remember the “Changing the wind of change” article I posted some time ago?

¬† ¬† ¬†Well, change happens to all of us. However, if we train our minds to accept that change should always be for the good, we won’t allow the earth to swipe from underneath our feet. Better-more, we can happily accept the turns life takes us towards and enjoy the unknown with all its wonders.

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     Just picture this:

   Against your will, life has guided you to witness the spell of some non-beneficial person. You try to figure out how to escape it, still the power of voluntary change is not as strong as to kick your bottom and make you weigh your options bad enough.

¬† ¬†What’s next? (if you poses a great intuition, you’ll see it coming, as I did). The involuntary change steps into the frame. At this stage, voluntary and involuntary change team up, defining that straight highway I talked about in “Ascending“.

¬† ¬† It’s up to you how you handle voluntary change and make things happen… Do you want to walk a straight line or would you rather run around in circles, like a hamster in a sphere? From my perspective, the sphere might be described as our comfort zone, which is never safe, though, regardless of the rules we follow. Spheres can crack and there’s no sky in there. On the other hand, a straight line, even if narrower, lets us take in fresh air and see the light of day.

¬† ¬† ¬†So, as a non-follower of masses, I choose the line and trust my mind’s ability to adapt to walking on a mined terrain, but safely avoiding them.

   This is how I see strength. Being able to be true, under any given circumstances, and having the faith that letting your inner voice speak and lead your way is never a mistake, but the greatest achievement one can touch.


      Just remember that this is a path you need to walk only accompanied by your own self .

¬† ¬† Ok, rephrasing the last line… This path is supposed to be walked by you, in the company of the most unbeatable team ever : desire, courage and passion. Add some trust and you’re good to go. Trust builds a shield of steel around you, keeping you safe from exploding bombs.

¬† ¬† ¬†What if there’s a bundle of changes running into you? Even better. Just do not let fear come into play! It will distract you from your path. Instead, let the tables turn and reveal what was underneath for so long!