Wednesday morning. My way to work as usual, nothing special, all the same. Music in my ears and the attempt of rising again, above all.

While stepping to the floor where my desk is, some heavy atmosphere hits my face: there’s an unbearable silence, people have no courage to talk, rather whisper in a voice; dim daylight and pale faces… That’s what strikes me.

Then, I want to sit on my chair, yet something keeps me standing. As I’m taking off my headphones, I hear the mumbles and a question: “You don’t know?” News… Last night… Her… Late… Never late… Assumptions… Hopes…

Minutes later, time for truth to be revealed. It happened… Oh, my God! Terror and tears all over the place…

And an empty chair from now on…

Lessons to learn:

  • We, as people, are mean; yet we need to spread love… Fighting for things to change;
  • Learn to care and we’ll master empathy;
  • Look around us and take the necessary action if we have a strange feeling – that “something’s about to happen” feeling;
  • Comfort the people who need a shoulder;
  • Stop the rush – time is relative;
  • Don’t be paranoid, yet alert and aware;
  • Talk to people today and make it count;
  • Collective efforts can make a difference;
  • Everything can be lost in an instant – we take nothing with us, but leave empty-handed… Just the way we came;
  • Spend quality time, yet stop being individualists;
  • Collaboration with care should not be built upon tragic events, but with each passing day, because we understood how important human interaction is;
  • Teach ourselves to ask “How are you? Is everything OK?” from the bottom of our hearts;
  • Be grateful for the light of each new dawn and live as if tomorrow is never granted;
  • Appreciate what we have and accept facts;
  • Even the toughest (masked) people have a soul…