Before reading further, please take a minute to ask yourself the following:

  • How many times, per year, do you think about yourself? In the means of analyzing your behavior, but also indulging yourself some quality time?
  • Should others consider self-care as being selfish? Is, in the end, a breathing moment something to be judged?
  • How many times do you take the time to JUST STOP? And give time the chance to toss the dice? To let time be… ?

The answers will only serve your purpose, no other. So be fair to your own self and answer objectively.

If you slow down and just observe, you will see that danger is everywhere. But so are chances to improvement, perspectives’ change, beauty and blessings.

So, I’m asking again: how many times do you STOP? How many times do you treat yourself with a BREAK?

You may believe that’s a luxury in today’s fussy world. But guess what: is not. It is actually a basic need, but most of use choose to merciless overlook it. We like to think everything else is more important. We’ve come to strongly believe that living for money is our purpose, while we should – in fact – have money just as a tool to serve a decent living.

We wake up each morning, rush to the office, forget to display that healthy smile, surrendering – instead – to the cold comfort of oblivion. Oblivion towards the wonders of life, towards what we enjoy the most, a complete acceptance of automatism. At a quick glance, must of us are grumpy, craving for that energy-boosting giant cup of coffee. So, maybe that’s the first reason we are so eager to reach the office/ workplace for, as a guiding line to survival of another day.

But what about the pleasure of a single moment? What about the taste of happiness? What about the freedom of a sincere laugh? All these just go somewhere, lost in the sad background of a money-making machine… We’ve become fans of stepping on each other’s foot, fans of running – for no charitable objective, fans of floating in a disgraceful comfort zone that brings us nothing but bitterness, by the end of the day. We love to feed that hunger of anger with crowdy places. The more we rush, the worse things turn up.

But we can change that. One of us at a time. One day at a time. One single stop at a time. One smile, one word, one gesture, one thought… One choice at a time…

[listen to: Marcel de Van – Fantasy in space]

One day, we will see: Time is a friend we should grant wings to…

Can we become trend-setters?


Photo credits: Google