Today I choose to approach a tabuu topic! Related to massacres, accusations and the entire world!


It’s not fair. People are cruel all over the world. But people also work together towards  stopping cruelty all over the world! Defending the rights of ALL CREATURES AND THE ENVIRONMENT of this planet!

If you follow the link below and the links in it and check the comments and petitions there, you will find how an entire nation is accused because of what a handful of people do! I totally disagree with massacres, abuse and any form of threaten to a creature’s life! And I’m standing for it!

But I completely disagree with accusing everyone of it! Instead of doing this and throwing arrows at each other, we should better find a way to come together against such criminal minds. We help no-one by throwing accusations! We only increase hate among us! Do we really see that as a desirable purpose? Can’t we join forces, led by compassion and will for evolution? By envisioning change?

We will never be able to do this with the actual mindset. Because it only empowers hatred! We come against each other, instead of working together.

The point is: ministers, prime ministers, presidents and others alike only see their benefit and look for future elections’ success. This is what drives their regulations. They all steal and lie and try to disrupt this world. But that doesn’t mean that 100% of the population agrees. It means that the games are, maybe, too high and untouchable for a few brave voices to reach and change them.

And this is where collective work should begin! If I should be the only one raising my voice, no one will ever consider me. But if people join me, I stand more chances to make myself and them heard.

Bottom line:

We’re talking about real life here. No fairy-tales and no made up words! Things that can’t be hidden under the rug. Things that happen all over the globe. Things that are meant to open our eyes and bring us together for a fair change!

So let us come together, not get even more separated by venomous words! Let us think about what we can do, instead of accusing 2 million people or more of a cruel act they never agreed to or put any effort into!

NGOs are everywhere. Let’s work WITH them. I’m not proud (actually I am horrified) of what is going on in my country or around the world, but I’m definitely here to help for the change to happen! A few examples of raising my voice can be found here, here, here and here and everywhere in here.

Lose hatred people! Is destructive! Lose shallow judgement, as it can be descried as a form of artificial intelligence (that should have nothing to do with the tech version of this formula)! Everything has at least 2 ways of getting solved. But playing against each other is not one of them..

[listen to: Papa Roach – Born for greatness]

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If not accessible (as I tried it and seems to have been removed – either my comment or the entire post – I so feel disappointed for not having opened it in Chrome (instead of LinkedIn – which has millions of platform glitches) and save the actual post!), a briefing below:

It as a post about dogs massacre all over the world. And a horrible picture displaying such a violent act. The links at the end of the post should have led to a few petitions I read with my own eyes, in regards to actions to be taken for combating such criminal acts in my country and others. But 2 of these petitions were put up (guess what ?!) by a co-national of mine. But the comments? Tough arrows thrown against the entire nation! I’m not a nationalist and who read this should already be aware of it.

Therefore, this article goes out as a sign of RINGING THE ALARM for unfair accusations and an encouragement for collective work!