Stressful moments are everywhere, for everyone, with no exception. But if these moments relate to change, our own perception plays a great part in dealing with the situation. We can play with stress and know it will be gone soon and everything will be set up, or we can fall from the highest stair of our expectations and hit the cold cement of disbelief. I guess I’m striving for the for the first option. I like to play…

But what is that moment to me right now?

Well, I’m moving out. To a new, bigger place. And I’m changing my job. And I’m leaving behind a broken wing. And I’m building a dream. All, in the same time. Because, when change strikes, it’s never on a single level.

There’s a saying: “Misfortune never strikes alone”. But I’m asking you: what if it’s not misfortune? What if it’s just dirty lenses of a rusty pair of spectacles? And what if, when cleaning the lenses, misfortune turns to accomplishment or a horizon for the hero in you to rise? Do you trust this hero? If you do, then you know your choice. But if you don’t, maybe it would be a good idea to check on your lenses and polish them. Maybe you’ll see the sun again.

It may look overwhelming to handle multiple changes, as even one takes a lot of effort and courage. But let me tell you something else…

I used to be the melancholic type of person. Whenever leaving a place or people, I felt sorry. I would feel like some part of me is staying while I set foot outside. But that part would try hard to stop me. To hold me back. And, many times, success was on its side. Nonetheless, during the packing of my entire house process this weekend, I knew this part of me left before I did. I had a slight moment of thinking about “How can I not be sorry for what’s happening? For leaving behind the home I grew from a child into a strong woman in? And how can I be still in front of the feeling of being deserted when leaving the people I’ve been working with for the past almost 7 years? Moreover, how come tears and regret have no impact on me any longer?

At first sight, I may be perceived as arrogant and merciless. It’s up to the reader how to interpret such thing. But it won’t be my burden to carry. All I know is what’s inside of me, everything I went through till this day and the fact that hardships help us grow. Helped ME grow. And this is agreat reason to be thankful for!

So, instead of letting the claws of past grab me again, I’m wide open to the new. Accepting the change may be the hardest first step to take towards own fulfillment. But I’ve understood the benefit of embracing it. Or at least so I believe.

Bottom line: when someone else asks me again “Do you or do you not feel sorry for leaving everything behind?” my straight answer will be “No, I don’t!“.

It’s not selfishness or even over-estimating myself. It’s reality. The past is there to offer lessons, but there’s such a bright future ahead! Why cry? I had the choices in my hands. And I’m playing with them. I’m using them to do good to me and everyone that I may cross paths with. So, tell me, isn’t the new just beautiful? Why be scared?

Every “Goodbye” is a new “Hello!”