This morning I promissed myself to avoid writing about Women’s Day, as everyone does, anyways.

However, I feel the need to share a beautiful gesture, made by the company I work for. And please, pretty please, show me a woman that would not appreciate this!

The wand of happiness

Each and every single woman that set foot through the doorstep received a bit of a star-dust: a beautiful rose, like the one in the picture above. The instant I received mine, the following syntax rushed over my mind: “The magic wand of happiness“.

It may seem mushy, yet – regardless of what type of woman we consider – I doubt that any of them would perceive this as bull…

Thus, mentioning the sunny, warmer morning, enriched by this small sign of appreciation, I get the feeling that it will be a nice day, all in all.

Consequently, I wish a Happy Women’s Day to all the lovely ladies out there, regardless of the race, color, ethnicity, social status or religion.

Keep being yourselves and wave the magic wand of happiness, no matter the shape!

Perception is everything, so this wand may even take the shape of a good thought 😉