This is one of the commandments, right? But do we still apply it? Do we really care about it anymore?

Being a person passionate about human behaviour, it’s obvious that I try to treat everyone with the same respect, apply equity everywhere and lend a helping hand when someone NEEDS it. Why? Because these are values I believe in.

LinkedIn/ business-wise, look at it this way: the more you wholeheartedly support others (remember: without waiting for the coin to flip – if you do so, you’d better drop it), the more people feel valued and may, in return, do the same for you. Again, that’s no mandatory thing, but it’s so nice seeing it happen.


Business talks so much about money. But let’s be honest: is this the only goal? If you do business with a person that does not respect you as an individual or would trash your company’s image, do you feel good about closing the contract, just for the sake of adding income?

If I were a CEO (which most probably won’t happen for a regular business, or ever – who knows?) I would interact with my client first, on a personal level. Sure, closing a contract is the final goal, but I believe that doing it with integrity and TRUST in each other is more important.

Why? Because you never know when a referral may come in handy. But no, this is not the real reason. The real thing would be to build an image of reliability and trustworthy person/ company. Such perception attracts clients, as well as the right people in our lives, on a personal level, right?

And this is where business and personal levels come together. Values can be applied regardless of the field. So, if you’re a nice person, you attract nice people who can help you grow or spread the word about you. Therefore, doing you a favor you didn’t request, but definitely helps you a lot.

Now, the question is: in this extent, why should we treat each other poorly instead of helping each other?

Short story. Ok, 2 short stories…

1. Yesterday I was overwhelmed with everything I had to arrange for my kid’s birthday (today): cleaning an entire house by myself, buy a present for my kid, etc. I have only 2 friends I can call REAL friends. And what did they do? They came along and helped me. I couldn’t have had everything done without them!

2. LinkedIn platform is one of the most amazing place to meet quality people. It started as a job search spot for me, but it turned out to have become a human interaction place. As I engaged with others and got to personally know (some of them) by private messaging or offline talks, I realised that I enjoyed connecting. Sooo much! So I went on with this, as I could relate to so many topics and I believed in the principle of “sharing is caring”. I broke the ice of non-professional topics with my article on “Marriage or no marriage“. However, whatever I share is from personal experience, therefore people may find some useful day-to-day exposure.

What happened a few months later? People started tagging me to their posts (one more valuable than the other), inviting me to join groups and trust my view; not mentioning the friendships!

Can you tell why? Because I avoid taking people for granted and I always have a reason (which I clearly explain) for my opinion. All this while never abandoning respect.

Bottom line:

Stick to your values, be yourself and be there for others. People will learn to rely on and trust you, taking you to a next level of your existence. Be it that you want to grow yourself or your business. Same principle applies to both…