It depends on what’s your perception about getting personal, right?

You see, for me, getting personal means to create bonds. REAL bonds. Why? Because people are beautiful.

The last 3 days brought me 2 important outside LinkedIn interactions, with people I’ve been exchanging ideas for the last few months. Who are they? 2 women. (Yes, you read it well: women start bonding and there’s nothing going to stop us take this even further, so that useless competition comes to an end and beneficial activity to take over!)

But let me introduce you to these wonderful and worthy of interacting with personalities:

Louise Mccauley – a beautiful woman, to whom I had the honour of meeting in person. And that was on my birthday! Yeeey! Amazing gift! 😊 She’s really cool and easy to talk to. She listens actively and is a sweet person, that can easily become a best friend! And she brought me flowers! That really melt my heart!!! Her deed, though not expected or imposed by anything, meant she treated me as her equal and that definitely broke the ice.

The moment we met? A mutual warm hug and lots of good vibe surrounding us.

Though the time was too short for such a pleasant interaction, I enjoyed each second and I will, for sure, do it again if fate helps us! And we’re “cooking” a surprise for LinkedIners 😉

Prachi Mohan Srivastava – my twin from India. Same birth sign (for those of you that guide themselves by this aspect). Close birth dates… How amazing is that!

But what’s the most amazing part? She spreads such a warmth! Though pretty shy in the beginning, we’ve managed to break the ice quickly and we talked as if it was at least the 10th time. You know that “click” kind of conversation? Well, here there were several clicks. Too many to express the joy I feel about having talked to her. She may be younger of age than I am, but her views over the world should be followed. Should she call me at 2 am in the morning, answering her with my eyes glued would be a pleasure.

She has such a healthy mind, that anyone talking to her will feel the value she adds to one’s existence!

So, if you hesitate or even overthinking the “should I do this or not?” I advise you give it a go. You never know how beautiful people really are until you establish a personal connection, off set. So what this platform is for employment? Friends can be found miles away and good vibe doesn’t care about distance!

Bottom line: cherish each moment you can share with a brilliant mind, taking it outside the platform. You may thank yourself later…