“A queen knows what she wants and uses all her weapons to fight against the villains, win the war of disbelief and rebuild ruins of self-esteem.”

It’s funny quoting oneself… But I am a queen without a king and I need you guys to be my allies…

…Allies in the effort of opening up the heavy gates of a new land. A land where everyone’s invited, where people respect people; where values are at home; where Earth’s resources are protected with shiny swords and where…

… in the tower, there’s no villain to lock the beauty, but the utmost skilled butler to serve the mankind. There is a ballroom there, where words learn to dance and I embrace them, wrapping myself in the finest feeling of acceptance.

Arendelle has an ice queen, but this land has a sunny queen, ready to spread good vibe around and friendly greeting everyone who decides to visit and have a cup of tea.

Please, be welcome, everyone, to a place that was gratefully set up by my trustworthy allies Mahfuzul Hasan and Fa’rath Shba, from dev. ops land, who fought with teeth and claws to conquer this magnificent field and allowed me to build my castle there.

Today, with all my gratitude, I humbly present to you my new kingdom: https://www.takenofake.xyz!

Come join me there as this very land is under the threaten of decommissioning and may your stay be blessed!