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December 2017


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My New Year’s wish to you…
Story of 2 souls – another book excerpt – Main characters’ description
o Free will and “what’s written”
o Day 5 of flavor of kindness: Let the magic begin!
o Day 4 of flavor of kindness: Let’s
o Day 3 of flavor of kindness: Let time be
o Day 2 of flavor of kindness: do you believe in Santa Claus?
o Day 1 of flavor of kindness: Patience
o Let’s play a game…
o Kindness is the flavor of the season
o Letter to today’s journalism and media industry
o Blackout
o Truth or treat?
o Today… Tomorrow… Always…
o Epilogue
o Marriage or no marriage
o This. You. Me. And the virtual pen…
o Trends. Music… 80s/ 90s to nowadays
o Story of 2 souls – book excerpt – Seal on my heart
o Motivational daytime stories
o Fame and fortune or values?
o The feeling…
o Look at me…

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