Take No Fake

Listen to your inner voice and live your magic!


1. #SilentVoice

As the article with this very same name & hashtag states, #SilentVoice is a campaign meant to help the shy and the abused to acknowledge the power of raising their voices and rediscover their self-esteem.

This is an initiative on going on LinkedIn social media platform and you can find the presentation video below:

2. Professional Writing Services

Being a creative freelancer, besides writing with the purpose of sharing my experience with people who might find it useful, I also offer several services related to writing (e.g: content writing and ghost-writing) and editing, as well as professional website assistance. But, most of all…

Confidentiality is my best friend !

Be it that you already have a website and you need a re-touch or that you are interested in starting up a small business, I can help you have your online presence noticed.

For more information, please feel free to pay a visit here

The Ink Feather

3. #VulneRevolution 

– In collaboration with Louise Mccauley –

Just as a short peek: it will be a magazine-style project, structured in periodical interviews, meant to present and understand how people see vulnerability, in the attempt of finding a resolution to nowadays prejudice and help people realize that vulnerability may not be exactly what society claims it to be.

See the presentation video below…

And the first interview:


4. #ValuableDiversity – coming soon

This is a project consisting in written interviews (for now), meant to make people meet people. What do I mean by that?

There are tons of interesting people around the world. My aim is to make them known for their valuable actions or for just being themselves, in a serious attempt of changing today’s perceptions and take off the masks. There will be life coaches, photographers, portrait painters, authors, poets and so on…

5. Podcasts

I used to be camera shy, however I had the honor of being invited to Keep It Moving show, hosted by Ivan Hunt (link to the episode below). Every bit of emotion can be seen in this very episode, but I’m happy I did it, as I managed to break the ice! Also, I’m thinking about starting my own podcast, since people say I have a lot valuable information to share. And doing this on video may be a good idea.

Updates to follow… In the meantime, you can catch the podcast episode by following the link below:


6. Books

In June 2017 I started writing my first book and then other 2 similar projects followed. Thus, at this moment, I have 3 books under the pen. If you search for “book excerpt” here, on the blog, you may find interesting creative writing 🙂

7. Poems

My one and only ever published poem, written at 3 AM 🙂 ,  can easily be found in the link below:


If you would like to become part of the mentioned campaigns/ series and/ or help a soul in need or if are willing to find out more about what I can do for you on a professional level, this is where to find me (just click/ choose below, on/ from the most suitable option):

Thank you kindly for taking the time to visit this page!


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