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September 2017


28 Articles

Social media and the real influencers
A kid today, a grown up tomorrow…
Here and now… Live strong!
Campaigns for social cases
1 cup of coffee, 1 spoon of sugar, music and my time alone, thank you!
Autumn rhapsody
Write, girl, write!
Art and science. Common traits?
A dream within a dream… Larger than life!
The mirror in your eyes
Dummy dolls and the porcelain ballerina
The art of confusion
Reviewing 7 tips for a good communication flow. As I see things…
1 Good thought to give to yourself. Wake-up call: Oxygen infusion
Thank you, single!
Message to the world: When disaster strikes… Time to change!
Finder’s, keeper’s
What if… ?
Rainbow in the sky
A break from the world
Independence and troubleshooting
Savage, walls up!Savage, walls up!
Continuous improvement
The story
In the swing
Piano and me

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