Change is a natural process in one’s life. And is, often, associated to growth. Nevertheless, what do we do for personal change? How do we see the change? Do we have a training for it? Is there any book to teach us about change? These are questions we should objectively handle, for our own peace of mind.

[listen to: Scorpions – Wind Of Change]

I can think of 2 types of path turns: one that may come without a notice; and one that, on the contrary, we aim for.

Let’s take these 2, one by one:

a) Involuntary (the unknown) change. This is the most powerful-in-teaching kind of change. Being independent of our will, is also the hardest to face. We have no choice, no control over it. It just happens. That is, generally, a force we cannot resist. At first, we see this as the ultimate drama in our lives, as we do not fully understand its purpose; it’s being pictured as the storm we cannot hide from. But you know what? This kind of change happens when we can’t find the direction on our own; because we are too afraid to put a stop to that environment providing no happiness. So we are being taken somewhere else.

For instance: I love my job, but – one day – my superior comes and tells me my services are no longer needed. I’m in shock, right? Because I don’t see the good in all this. I know I did my job as well as I could, still I’m being kicked out.

Where can I see the full part of the glass? Well, I should inquire the decision, first of all. Then, if the answers I get from the outside don’t match my convictions, try answering myself (listen to myself). So, consider all points of view, having the picture all clear. Objectively confronting all these, I may get to see that either that workplace was not for me, or the job didn’t fit my will and I was too stubborn to see or admit that. In the end, once I get my answers, I can rest my head on my pillow that evening, without any regret.

b) Voluntary change. Happens either because we’ve had enough of things going wrong, or we feel is time to guide ourselves to new horizons, taking a dramatic turn and evolve in a different direction than before, to step forward. Thus, we want to put some efforts in making change happen. So, we get the power of choice, our own will points to it. However, once we decide on the change, we need consistency. We can’t give up on first attempt!

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Following the same job-related example… I like my job, but I’m not completely satisfied with its outcome. I get frustrated more and more everyday, as I secretly desire to do something else; I have had a greater dream for too long. Till one day… When I wake up and say “I cannot do this any longer”. And, on the opposite to the previous example, I resign. Maybe even without knowing what am I going to do next… But trusting I will do better further on. Because I have a brain, which I will get to put at work for my own use, for a matter I would definitely enjoy to the fullest. And I follow my heart! So I build a bridge between these two.

Whichever the case, what’s important to understand is that we need to accept the change. They say: “Change is a moment when all the stars align in your favor/ when the universe is working for you/ when God knows what’s best for you”… Regardless of the source we believe in or if we even believe in such thing, everything happens at the right time in our lives; exactly when we need it. What I have – personally – experienced is that, no matter how hard we try resisting it, the involuntary change will always follow its path. It won’t consider our opinions. On the other hand, if it’s you that has the power to influence it, do it wisely. Consider the consequences, but don’t be afraid.

That being said, remember that change is always there for the good. Greet it with your heart wide open and let it stay. No fear! Keep in mind that the unknown, in particular, has wonders floating around. We need to open our eyes and embrace them.

[listen to: Sigma ft Paloma Faith – Changing]