Take No Fake

Listen to your inner voice and live your magic!


***Looking for the stars, living on Earth…***

Everyone has a dream, even if buried in the most hidden place of their minds. My dream is to have a constraint-free life and a strong control over my mind. To loose all the masks and, hopefully, encourage people to do the same…

This blog has the purpose of taking me one step further in accomplishing my dream…Writing gives me the freedom I need. It helps me understand better my own mind, as all articles are based on personal experience and goals.

If, by all means, my writings could benefit people, than my goal should be reached.

Please feel free to share, but keep in mind that this is only my view over the world.

The link below will direct you to all the projects I am involved in at the moment:

On-going Projects

Hope you’ll enjoy my work.




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