Faith, teamed up with a positive state of mind, is the greatest weapon one can have. Why? The below saying has it all covered:

What you believe is what you become”¬†

When you truly believe in something, every bit of this universe works for you. The more you focus on that specific wish, the more clear it will become for you that things are starting to move the desired way; the more you will see things change on your behalf; the more turns your life will take for that wish to get accomplished.

Today’s world, unfortunately, is trying to bury the power of will, is trying to impose unreal and unnecessary ideas of well-being, tricky patterns for success, instead of promoting the concept of pursuing one’s beliefs and feelings.

The act of believing is seen as dreaming. And dreaming is seen as untouchable. Which is wrong! Believing AND working for it makes a dream come true. No one will ever deliver something on a golden plate. Still, a consistency in work and the permanent focus on your wish, living in the present moment at the same time, are the 2 things to move mountains.


You might say: “It’s easy to say if you have a comfy life“. Well, let me tell you that I don’t. I’ve actually been thru some rough times till this age. Not like others, more unfortunate than me did, still I had my lessons to learn. I was buried in despair, I was drowned in depression and I wished I could die. There was nothing I could see worth living for. I would isolate myself, I would have no self-esteem, I would believe everyone was there to put up a mischievous play behind me. I thought I would always be in that ugliness state of mind and that nothing would lift me to the surface of that trembling bog. I used to be constantly afraid of failure, seeing myself as the greatest one this earth could¬†illegally host.

But I am fortunate to have a strong mind and a self driven will, that finally lead me to who I am today. I realized when it was more than enough and I chose to stop it. I finally understood that one’s mind can be one’s best friend or worst enemy. And I chose to befriend mine. I chose to give my mind a free hand for choices and I did well. I have a great intuition and, slowly, I discovered my inner power. Which is immeasurable! Once you trust it! I finally climbed the ladder of self-confidence and nothing can hold me back now.

[listen to: Imagine Dragons – Believer]

As we speak, I am working towards accomplishing my goals, to building my own fairy-tale empire, with thick bricks of hard work and interspersed with true values: having my own work from home business and peace of mind. Even writing this article is one sparkly point further in connecting the dots for that straight line I see ahead of me.

Do you still fail to surrender to your beliefs and wishes? Think it that way: we live in a plastic world, made of glass perceptions. Once the thin material of fake perceptions break, there’s nothing left of it. However, if, instead of choosing to follow the masses, you build your own elastic perceptions, the world will reveal in a new way. You will understand what is really fashionable.

What do I mean by “elastic perceptions”? A view built on reality, yet driven by your own choices. We need to accept what we cannot change, still change what we do not believe in, by using a simple formula: replace what we don’t believe with our own thoughts on the matter.

This is what makes an individual really strong! Thus, believe, friends, believe. No one can take that away from you. Ever! If you truly think it’s possible, it is. No one has the right to take that away from you. Nobody should ever break dreams and step over beliefs, for their own ephemeral¬†good!

I do believe! I believe in personal change & growth, I trust my heart and I believe in a better world!

Do YOU believe?

If not, what keeps you from doing it? Is it the commonly accepted term of “practicality”? Is it the box others put us in or the labels they keep on sticking on our backs? Would it be FEAR?

I would love to know a true-to-yourselves answer.