I spent my new year’s night with no one else but my kids… We watched the fireworks together and wished each other a great year ahead. The first year to do this together. They were too young for such an event before. And sleep would take them over before midnight…

New Year's Light on a dark sky
New Year’s Light on a dark sky (© Andrada Anitei | 2018)

And my laptop…

But I’m lucky! I feel blessed. No obligations to fulfill today… no tasks but recharging my batteries to take… No worries on my shoulders… No hatred and no guilt…

Just the sun… The bright light on the window, that joyfully steps into my home… And calms my brain, providing the most amazing, positive and hopeful mindset! Though I’m tired… But is a beautiful tiredness… Because I feel that I finally found my path and I love to work towards fulfilling my dream!

A new year just began, therefore so many opportunities to meet… so many changes to embrace… So many new lessons to welcome… So many hopes to raise to the sky… And so many dreams to touch with the power of my mind!

I get “that feeling” again! A feeling that has never failed me, but was the messenger of something. A “something” I need to be open to. And grateful for. And happy for…

I know this year will be a new chance for boundaries to break. For useless rules to vanish… For human kind to rise and for the Universe to be our guide. Another chance to let go of what we used to cling to. Another chance to evolve towards a greater purpose. Another way of learning to clean our lenses and let the light rule. Not the light of day… Or the light of stars… Or the light of the moon… Just light… That one igniting from within. The one that can never go wrong!

This year will genuinely be the retirement of regret. As feeling sorry for the lessons I learned so far has no reason to accompany me any longer. I wave goodbye and let go of its trendy hand. No white flag for this farewell. No handkerchief to wipe a tear I can’t share. No sadness to crown my face as regret is left behind… I’m leaving now and choose to stand up tall, walking the shoes that fit me best! Still being me and speaking my truth!

The explosion of my mindset is too empowering. The wound is closing down without stitches. Just surreal healing… As if an angel touched my soul, making it whole again… And there’s nothing else I could ever be willing for!

It’s time to build a castle out of diamond dust, faith, encouragement, gratefulness and bits of magic!