– Title phrasing by Sneha Rathod

I know that money means the world to some people, yet – for others – it makes the means, not the purpose.

Some of us believe that finding the best in others, perceiving them as humans – above all – and letting kindness display its glow is more important. However, as I am a dreamer, yet question many things (most of them way beyond the surface), I wonder: do we understand exactly what kindness is? What does kindness drive as consequence? In few words: why should we be kind? Can we see kindness as the flavor of the perennial season of life? And what do we do to reach it, if it’s not innate?

Our lives are full of doubt, full of following rules we do not agree with, full of malice and full of anger. Yet, at some point, all of us understand that something needs to change. We want to do it, but we are – somehow – afraid. Scared of what others may think if we change our views; put down by the thought of not fitting in as we trust our instincts and remove what harms us; demoralized by the lack of acceptance of others.

Yet, all choices are within the palms of our hands. We are the ones to acknowledge the change, embrace it and give it that marvelous chance to turn us into our best versions.

Ok, but how do we do that and what’s the connection to kindness?

Well… The more we look within, the more we find things we can let go of (anger, jealousy, spite, envy, useless judgemental behavior). And the more we exercise the art of letting go, the brighter kindness will arise.

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So, I started with the end: how do we do it. Now, looking backwards, can we or can we not see kindness as the flavor of the perennial season of life? You see, I used “perennial” to emphasise the fact that we have only one season along the way – we are born, we live and we die; but it’s the natural process of everything. Then, why do I say is one season only? Because winds can change, yet our life’s season remains the same: we return to the same place we came from. Weird? Not at all. Ever since we are born, we are given a set of values, that we need to (re)discover as we grow. Therefore, from this point of view, we already have everything to guide us, kindness being the trait that may buried deep inside of some. Yet, as one gets older, each passing year, kindness shows up, taking one shape or another.

Next one, in reverse: Why should we be kind? That’s the easiest one. Because we may find ourselves to be sorry if we avoid seeing that inner beauty inside each of us. And, by the time we are sorry, time may not be on our side any longer.

What does kindness drive as consequence? Kindness in return. And the joy of decorating a soul with its gems.

And last (or first), but not least (I think the most important): Do we understand what kindness is?

As this is no exact science, each person can display a variant of it. There’s no pattern, no rules to follow, no line to draw around it, just the freedom of choice. Kindness cannot be boxed/ labeled/ tagged in any way! Some people are kind by simply offering a smile to a stranger; others see kindness as providing a shoulder to one in need, at the right moment; others may consider support – in either way – as a sign of benevolence; even assisting someone during their crying moments and allowing them to relieve the pain may be seen as a way of helping; and others display kindness by protecting the environment.

Photo Credits: https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/?id=2

You may, now, conclude: kindness is all about helping. But do not rise to the bait. Just keep on looking for YOUR OWN WAY of seeing kindness and of spreading it.